Integrity and transparency are at the core of our value structure here at Euphoria Color & Hair Salon. In that spirit we’d like to present our pricing matrix in as much detail as possible. We charge on time, materials, and experience. What that means is; If you have a short simple style that does not require extra time for detailed cutting or to blow dry, your cost will be less than if you have a longer more or more intricate style that requires extra TLC. Get it, pretty simple right? Conversely, If you are booked with an advanced stylist who has poured decades of heart, soul and training into their craft, they will be more expensive than a new stylist still on the path to becoming advanced. These guidelines are free of gender and simplified for clarity. Time, materials and experience are all that matters, what could be more fair?

Hair has no gender and neither does our pricing! Our belief is a pricing structure for services based on timing, materials, and stylist experience. This system provides an honest and transparent approach that allows us to provide our clients with bespoke service and equality of pricing for all.

These services include a consultation, stellar coloring and/or cutting tailored to your needs, a style to write home about and product recommendation for maintenance.

Pricing for services covering

New Talent, Intermediate and Advanced

See below for complete pricing list.

Classic Barbering above the earN.T. 20 Int. 25 Adv. 30            



 Straight Short     N.T. 40 Int. 45 Adv. 50   
Mid. to Med. Length
N.T. 50  Int. 55
Adv. 60
Long hair               N.T. 60 Int. 65 Adv. 70 



Longer Hair  N.T. 70 Int. 75 Adv. 80
Facial Hair
Curly short fine or Children
N.T.40 Int. 45 Adv. 50
Curly short thick
N.T. 60 Int. 65 Adv.70
 Curly shorter/ Mid-length
N.T. 80 Int. 85 Adv.90
Mid-length/ Medium Length
N.T.100 Int.105 Adv.110
Curly Long
N.T.120  Int. 125 Adv.130
Curly Long and Thick
N.T.140 Int.145 Adv.150
Curly to Straight add-on
Curly Pre-Cut Reset or Treatment
Blowout Basic to long hair to smoothing blowout
N.T.25-55 Int. 25-60 Adv.25-65
Formal/Fashion Simple to full on Updo
Add-on Extra Styling/ Hot tools20  


Root Touch with Standard or Premium color

Color Gloss, Glazing, Toning, Base bump, shadow root, root smudge
All over coloring


color blocking to fashion color refresh to color melt to Demi-permanent with standard to premium color lines

Foil or like from Partial to full to micro-foil, baby lights to platinum card
Balayage/Hand painting                          N.T.80-215


Partial/Move-up to Full to                        Int.90-225                          ombre’ to foilayage                                    Adv.100-250


Blonding/Bleaching/Lightning  First round,Virgin, colored, pre-lightening for fashion or ombre’, color removing
Blonding/Bleaching/Lightning  Money Piece to Accent pieces
Extra product to extra technique to extra time
11-50 per
Color Additives as color support


Olaplex, B3, Aveda’s, Davines, alternative healthy hair additives, Keratin color lock

10-35 per
Corrective Color per hour
Brazilian Blowout
Beach wave/ American wave


New take on perming the hair or adding texture

Thermal Straightening



Pre-service treatments


Malibu Demineralization to Pre-conditioning to prep for a service

Post service treatments


From well known brands Olaplex, Leaf n Flower, Framesi, Brazilian Blowout, Aveda and Davines

Brow waxing or Facial waxing
Brow or Lash Tinting
*For Extensions we carry or do I-tip, Hand tied and Tape-in. The cost of extensions is based off hair price and installation. The price of hair varies from origin or grade, weight and color usually between 400 to 800. Installation prices varies on type and amount of hair. The installation price is usually around the cost of the hair but can run a little less or more. When booking for extensions a consultation appointment will first need to be booked for deciding which type, matching color, matching texture and desired length, and the amount of hair needed. If time and accessibility are possible we can order hair during consultation or credit card deposit will be necessary and we will get order together and notify you with hair cost before proceeding. If in a rush we can usually over night or 2-day ship(shipping costs will apply) and after consultation book your installation appointment. If not in a rush shipping may take 5-7 days, we can pre-book the installation or call to book once your hair has arrived.

Extension Maintenance

The price for maintenance on I-tip, Hand tied, Tape-in vary. It is based off of how well extensions are maintained at home, matting, deep tangling, tape removal(hair and extensions), tip repair, extension hair grooming, bead and string replacing. Timing on maintenance for extensions can range from 6 weeks to 3 months.

All of our services are base on an on average basis. We do our best to give accurate quotes, timing and details about services required for achieving desired results, however unforeseen circumstances do arise, where more than average product is needed, more than average time is needed, previously darkened or colored hair or  compromised hair these are a few common situations that can change our initial quote and timing.
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