Kristina Cirasunda

Euphoria second session part 3 (11)-(ZF-8798-77314-1-005)

Q. Why should someone choose Euphoria Color and Hair Salon?
A. Euphoria’s crew raises the bar for salon experience in Fayetteville. We are hair artist at it’s best with a parallel environment.

Q. Why do you love hair and beauty?
A. Beauty- gives satisfaction to the mind.

Hair- is one of the defining characteristics of mammals. I think that sums it up, to give defining characteristics and satisfaction to the mind, that’s a powerful industry, who wouldn’t?

Q. What’s your beauty speciality/ niche?
A. Helping, finding and getting in touch with that image we all have of ones self in our minds and projecting that.

Q. How would your clients best describe you and your style?
A. Undefined and unpredictable…

Q. Who/What do you look for inspiration?
A. The world around me and our youth, that young energy to be loud, seen and innovative.

Q. What makes you feel beautiful inside and out?
A. Sleep and lots of it….

Q. What does your best day of your hair/beauty career look like?
A. Euphoria’s crew busy and blissful, and my salon listed as one of the country’s top salons. ( Time and hard work and we will get there)

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