Rena Israel

Q. Why should someone choose Euphoria Color and Hair Salon?
A. Euphoria offers the most creative stylists with cutting-edge design skills and a focus on quality. Euphoria has a unique environment that’s trendy yet warm and welcoming. There’s creative energy oozing out of the walls!

Q. Why do you love hair and beauty?
A. Hair is personal and affects the spirit. I enjoy helping others feel good about themselves.

Q. What’s your beauty specialty /niche?
A. Hair color and funky Diva-do’s

Q. How would your client’s describe you and your style?
A. Probably easygoing hippie-girl mixed with a little rocker girl

Q. Who/What do you look for inspiration?
A. I am inspired by fashion history as well as current pop culture

Q. What makes you feel beautiful inside and out?
A. Knowing that I made a positive difference in someone’s life

Q. What does the best day of your hair/beauty career look like?
A. My best day is every time a client leaves with a giant smile on their face.

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