Euphoria’s service prices are based on Time, Supplies, and Experience. The service menu is a per service menu or per item service menu. Some salons call it an “A La Carte menu”. What this means is if a client is requesting 4 services for their hair or the look the client desires requires 4 services to achieve desired look, then there will be 4 service charges on the client’s bill. When booking online it is important for clients to book all services they are wanting individually to create proper appointment time frame ( example; straight med. length haircut book for a time frame and then another service can be added like eyebrow wax or maybe some toning, add a toning/glazing service or add both. If there is not enough time for all the services being booked the system will not allow it. Please select another day or time frame). No worries if services booked are not exact services performed, service adjustments can be done at checkout.

Integrity and transparency are essential to a long healthy hair relationship. When working with clients and their hair plans a realistic healthy hair path and budget is always recommended and options given. However, when new looks, big changes, or color corrections are desired some damage to the hair is inevitable. These new look, big change, or color correction appointments usually take 3x longer and 3x the amount in supplies or can not be done in one visit, this means these appointments can also cost 3x more or could take 3 or more full different appointments with individual charges attached to each appointment. Please keep this in mind when deciding to go for big changes, new looks or needing color correction. In most cases the maintenance on these bigger longer appointments is longer time between the need for maintenance and maintenance services are very budget friendly. High maintenance colors or services are just that high maintenance, a monthly budget and a steady appointment will need to be set up to keep up with these services and keep hair it’s best. Consultations are always free.

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